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I was taught by my elders, that what they share with me is meant to be shared . What I experience and understand as I learn to read the book of nature (life) is not for me alone, it is wisdom meant for all.

This page is in part my homage. The cumulation of that which I know at this time. It is with deep honor and respect for those that have come before.  Those that have sacrificed(often with their lives) and fought for this wisdom, for these teachings to be preserved. It is done with the acknowledgment that I have not arrived here to this space alone, and that I share this with permission from my teachers, my lineage with the intent to share with the web of humanity.
The name Vedic Smudge comes from the merging of two ceremonial cultures I have had the honor of being immersed and taught.  It is the merging of power and time-honored ceremony ritual and understanding.
Vedic: Ayurveda medical system sourcing from India which has been growing in popularity in recent years, with its holistic understanding of body mind and spirit and the interface, and co-creation of health.
Smudge: ceremonial burning and movement of smoke often with a feather. of sacred herb, a collaboration between plant spirit and medicine person to clear, cut ties. clear, bless a space and begin a ceremony. The name smudge refers specifically to indigenous cultures of North America burning of herbs.
My goal is to educate and empower. To share the stories, to share my experiences in hopes of inspiring curiosity, of deepening relationships.  and in that perhaps help others find contentment find that "missing piece".
Thank you, Masicho, Gracias, Kob Kan Ka, Terimikashi.