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How do I choose ?

You can choose your smudge in multiple ways, or you can have it choose you.

1. You can let your senses do the choosing. See what color your eyes go to first. Or close your eyes take a deep breath, spray and see which one smells the best.

2. You can use your intuition. Turn all the bottles away from you and see what one your hand is magnetized to and you can use a pendulum or muscle test.

 Depending on the day, week, you might need more than one.

You may wake up feeling a bit unmotivated you might need a spray of 'Energize +Uplift ". Then later in the day if you get cut off in traffic you might need a little Soothe + Cool to calm your anger. Then you might be wound up before bed and need to "Ground + Calm". Or grab a Travel pack and try all three.